Math as Your Brain Trainer

math brain teaser

Math is for students nowadays what the “Spanish boot“ and other torture techniques  were for Middle Ages people. Four out of ten students in the USA report hating Math with passion and it is the same situation all over the world. Its reputation is such that a lot of people believe that even Einstein failed his math class. However, this is just a myth as Einstein never failed a class in his life, let alone math. But there is a confirmation that he was not a big fan of college homework because he copied his math homework from his girlfriend.

So, why is math such a dreaded subject? Probably because of the way it is taught- as something abstract, that can not be implemented in the real world, so students struggle to find its purpose. One good way to engage students would be to give them some real-world examples, encourage them to ask questions,demonstrate that math is not something limited to their textbook and play math-related games such as sudoku.

However, this is not to say that math is not difficult. It is, especially for those students whose brains are not wired for math. These students have no other options but to seek math homework help. They either find a tutor or pay for homework by getting help from some homework writing service. This involves a substantial risk if one is not lucky to stumble upon a respectable service such as Homework Help Desk. Their experts will not only get your math homework done but they will also answer any questions you may have, thus making math a lot more transparent.

Now, let’ s see what are the reasons why you should do math, either by yourself or by getting homework help:

  • Math is Good for Your Brain

It is a well-known fact that math stimulates the brain, helping it to develop faster by keeping it engaged with problem-solving. So, if you never thought that doing your geometry homework could benefit you in any way, it is time for you to change your mind. Math makes you smarter. Think about someone who spends days working out in the gym. His/ her muscles will get bigger over time. The same thing happens while you are solving math problems-doing that builds the brain. The reason is that doing math requires both the concrete and abstract thinking. It trains the mind to think outside the box and recognize unfamiliar patterns while in search for the solution. That is why the ability to do math is considered the main feature of logical thinking and the first sign of high intelligence.

  • Math can be Used in the Real World

The reason why people, generally, do not like math is that they see it as something restricted to paper and pencil, a set of numbers and formulae which can not be put to any practical use. This could not be farther from the truth. Math is the underlying language for a number of more practical disciplines such as physics and computer science. Not only that, but it develops the ability to solve problems, makes the mind more flexible and capable of dealing with unfamiliar tasks. It also develops creativity which is needed in all spheres of life. Did you ever think that math could help you make healthier choices? If you are obsessively checking calories in food that you eat, you need to do some math in order to determine how much time it will take you to burn them off. You are a student now, but soon you will have to fill in your tax return just like everyone else. In the similar vein, if you want to save money you will not be able to calculate the costs and figure out ways to cut them without having some mathematical knowledge. So you see, math is far more practical than you ever thought.

I do not expect you to fall in love with math right after reading this. One needs to accept that only a handful of students who are talented mathematicians, really enjoy doing it to the point that it becomes their favorite hobby. But the point is that everyone can do math and that its reputation of being a dreaded school subject is largely due to the wrong way of instruction. Once you realize how useful math is for your brain, that it helps you develop the skills which will be of great use later on in life regardless of what you decide to do, perhaps you well at least start pushing yourself to do some math every day (it can come in form of sudoku or anything else you can think of that involves math). That will benefit you tremendously.



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