Beginner’s Guide: Things To Pack While Going For Snorkelling


Planning for the next trip to The Great Barrier Reef? You would be pretty much excited, isn’t it? A part of you would want to throw a parade for the snorkelling trip that you have been planning for years. However, you must be dreaded with the fact that you would have to pack a lot.

What will happen if you forget something? Well, you would end up renting a face mask. Well, if you are not of the opinion to rent, visit The Range so that you can get all these items frugally.

So what to do? Here is a detailed list that you must check while you are gearing up for your next trip to The Reef! Have a look:

  • Clothing
  1. Swimsuits – Since for the maximum time you are going to be underwater, it will be a wise idea that you bring an extra swimsuit.
  2. Towels – The same notion for towels as well. When you are planning for snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef, you might need to get a pack of towels. Because there is nothing worse than drying towels, in addition to its stinking smell, keep the extra.
  3. Dresses – At least, you should pack along half dozen of the clothes with you. Try for cotton ones that would take less space and would dry easily.
  4. A pair of ankle socks – The fins of the gear would hurt your ankle, so better stock a pair of ankle socks with you.
  5. Bra – Since you’d be wearing a swimsuit maximum of the time, you’d need a bra to travel back.
  6. A pair of underwear – If you don’t wish to sleep in your swimsuit, pack a pair of undies for yourself.
  • Toiletries
  1. Diva cup – There won’t be a lot of trash cans on board, so keep some with you as well, so that you don’t need to dump here and there.
  2. Deodorant – You will sweat profusely while you are on deck so if you want to stay odour free, then keep aside a deodorant for yourself.
  3. Hair ties – If you have a long hair, then make sure that you tie so that it doesn’t tangle.
  4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Keep your smile bubbly, even in the mid-ocean.
  5. Hair comb or Hairbrush – Try to keep your hair tangle-free, so always stuff a comb or brush in your bag.
  6. Lotion – Salt water would harm your skin so store a spare body lotion as well.
  7. Sleeping Pills – It may be difficult for you to sleep. So sleeping pills would help you for the same.
  8. Contact lenses, and Eye Drops – Always carry a pair of Contact Lenses and eye drops, in case your eye hurts.
  • Technology
  1. SD Memory Card – An underwater camera can be rented so that you can capture some of the amazing underwater worlds.
  2. iPod – If you are a party lover, then this tip is for you.
  • Gear
  1. Dive gear – There are various diving gears viz. Fins, Wetsuit, and much more. If you are not having these, then they are easily rented.
  • Miscellaneous
  1. Money to Booze – Foods are included whereas wine is not. You need to pay some extra at checkout.
  2. Snacks – For the foodies, snacks are a must to keep in the luggage.
  3. Deck of Cards – A brilliant idea.
  • What NOT to bring
  1. Laptops & Expensive Items – So that you needn’t worry about.
  2. Makeup – There is no logic in applying mascara after you dive in the ocean.

Plan your trip carefully and hope for a beautiful snorkelling vacation! There are many vouchers available at Dealslands so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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