Wrinkles While You Sleep

Wrinkles While You Sleep

Wrinkles While You Sleep

Its insane the amount of factors that can help or hurt the quality of your sleep. One thing that helps you like some noise could very easily be the thing that with one small change hurts you sleep really bad. Here are some natural insomnia cures that happen during sleep and how with one small change you can turn these around.

1. Getting Wrinkles From Your Pillow

Its pretty shocking to think that as you sleep, you get more and more wrinkles. Its a mix of the pillowcase youre using as well as the position you sleep in. These wrinkles develop when you sleep on your side and the worst on a cotton pillow because cotton is rough and sticky on your skin. So one of your natural insomnia cures would be to simply change your bedding material

The best way to solve  this issue is to use  silk pillow cases which can be gentle on your skin and silk is even good for your skin structure. Cotton fabric is very sticky on a microscopic level and sticks to your body. More expensive but a definitely one of our natural insomnia cures.

2. Spousal Turning About During Sleep

It could go either way but you or your spouse might be hurting each others sleep. There are lots of couples that are not the best when they sleep together. Both having to deal with sleep flinches, getting up and down, and sleeping in a smaller part of the bed, it can be really hard to sleep. Then when you have one spouse that snores really loud, getting a good sleep is going to be impossible to do.

This is why you will hear that more and more couples are choosing to sleep in their own beds. While it seems really strange, this can help sleep which will make each person much happier. Another of our natural insomnia cures.

3. Using the Flat Sheet

There are many times when using a flat sheet is actually going to be too much bedding for you. When you need to be really warm, its completely necessary, however many times not using it and just having a duvet cover is better. Using the right duvet cover can be the best thing for sleeping during the summer and spring time. Thus avoid insomnia problems with natural insomnia cures.

There are many fabrics to choose from. But so many people insist on a flat sheet year round when their sleep could vastly improve without the use of them and observing natural insomnia cures.

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