What Do All The Labels Mean? Choosing The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessary evil. The problem is that you never know when you might need them, and since they’re a small accessory they can be easy to lose or leave behind. Although not much thought is given to sunglasses and the work they do to protect your eye health, they are about more than just fashion.

It is easy to get sucked into the thought that sunglasses need to be of a name brand to be good for you. They are needed not just to stop you from wincing and ending up with crows’ feet, but also to keep UV rays from damaging your eyes. Your eyes are like your skin; they can be damaged by the sun. And not all sunglasses protect your eyes. Fashion glasses do very little but make things a little less bright.

When shopping for sunglasses, it is easy to get lost in all the world of technical jargons like “polarized” and “UV protectant” and potentially overspend on your eyewear. If you want to find the right glasses for your needs, there are things to consider to help you determine the best features for your lifestyle.

Every face is different

The key to a good pair of sunglasses is the way that they suit you and fit your face. Not just about looks, if you intend to wear them out for a day excursion, ensuring that they fit will save your eyes from irritation. There is nothing worse than parts of it digging into your face, or a horrible fit that makes them prone to being lost. Before you buy any style of sunglasses, make sure they are comfortable and the right fit for you personally. Even if you like the Wayfarer style, that doesn’t mean that it will suit your face correctly.

Identify what you need them to do

There is a difference between sunglasses that you wear while lying on the beach, and those you are going to be climbing mountains or skiing with. If you want to get the right sunglasses, you have to identify what they are going to need to do. That will determine how sturdy they need to be, the amount of protection they must afford and the clarity that you need a pair of sun glasses Winnipeg to provide. Identifying your personality and what you are going to use them for will help you to find the right sunglasses for you.

UV protection

The main reason you need sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, but not all of them actually do. UV protection factor is the amount of screening that a pair of sunglasses will provide when you are outside. To protect your eyes the most, you are going to want to purchase eyewear that blocks out 99% of UV rays. Sunglasses should be tagged with a guide to their UV protection factor. The best type is going to be labeled 100% protection, but they are going to be pricey. If there is no UV protection label provided, you can assume that they won’t be doing much to protect your eyes from the rays, that can lead to premature aging.


If price is a factor, then you may be tempted to buy sunglasses online or from a non-brand dealer. Unless a sunglasses retailer is an authorized dealer, you may be buying a pair of glasses that aren’t real. Just because something has a name or sticker on it, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being scammed. To ensure that you are getting what you need for protection, it is always best to either buy a cheaper brand name or to pay for the real thing from an authorized dealer. Otherwise, there is no way to be sure you are getting the real deal.

Sunglasses are the only way to defend your eyes from premature aging, and although they may sometimes seem like a frivolous buy, they really can provide you with protection from future eye damage. Before you invest in any pair, however, make sure that you know what you are getting, that you are getting the right ones to complement your features and that they will be what you want while you are out.



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