I Write Fake News by Paul Horner

I write fake news by Paul Horner

Paul Horner, political activist, writer, performance artist, hoax artist, satirist, comedian, and fake news extraordinaire, takes you on a ride of self discovery and education about the way we as a society gather and dissect our news today. Horner tells the story of his favorite 20 articles that broke the Internet over the last 10 years; why he wrote them, how he was able to get them to go mega-viral, and what was the aftermath. Within this book, you will learn why “everything” in the media is fake news in some shape or form. With how much we all hear about fake news these days, there is little out there to read from the actual authors, plus there is no one else that does fake news with a book out, so consider yourself lucky that you’re reading this far.

Spoiler alert: Everything in this book is fake news, or is it?

Coming August 1st, 2017!!!


Official ‘I Write Fake News’ Website: www.IWriteFakeNews.com

Paul Horner speaking with BuzzfeedSpeaking to Channel 4 News with the editor of Buzzfeed and a member of the European Parliament.

Paul Horner with Charles BarkleyFilming an episode about fake news for Charles Barkley’s new show, “American Race“.

Paul Horner at the European ParliamentSpeaking to members of the European Parliament about fake news and the importance of fact checking.

Paul Horner RTA hilarious interview I did with RT that went sideways real quick.

Paul Horner with KTAR NewsHorner speaking to KTAR News about his charity Sock It Forward that gives out thousands of pairs of socks to homeless men and women in Arizona and parts of Mexico.

Paul Horner and Fappy The Anti-Masturbation DolphinHorner performing standup comedy with his character Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin.

Paul Horner The Mystery Show

Hosting my comedy show, The Mystery Show, which is performed all around the Phoenix area.
Paul Horner's girlfriendPaul Horner’s girlfriend.

Merry Christmas from Paul Horner
Paul Horner’s Christmas card this year.

Paul HornerPaul Horner long story short.

Official ‘I Write Fake News’ Website: www.IWriteFakeNews.com


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