Donald Trump Starts Charity That Gives Socks To Homeless People

Donald Trump Sock It Forward

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump held a press conference this morning to announce a charity that he is starting which provides homeless men and women with brand new socks.

“Today I’m proud to announce my new charity Sock It Forward, it’s great, it’s the best charity ever,” Trump told reporters. “I see these people without homes out there and I think to myself, why don’t they just go out and buy a home. But when I found out that I might need to be showing my tax returns soon, I thought these people that need homes, I could use that as a tax right off, so I started this great charity, the best ever. A quick Google search informed me that these people without homes, the least common thing donated to them is socks, so that is why I started my charity.”

Paul Horner, who Trump put in charge as the spokesman for Sock It Forward, told reporters about the charity.

“As you may or may not know, socks are the most desired item by the homeless, those living in shelters and in poorer conditions. The reason for this is not enough people think of donating socks, so when they become available at shelters, they go fast. It is our goal to provide everyone in need of socks with brand new ones. I know from experience, as a person living with a roof over my head and enough money to pay my bills, nothing is better than new socks. Now imagine if you had no roof over your head or money in your pocket. Imagine how much you would love brand new socks; new socks make you feel like a brand new person and every bit of motivation helps someone who is living on the streets strive for a life living off the streets. For every dollar you give ensures that one homeless person is provided with a new pair of socks. You can also mail us unopened, packaged, socks directly. We have numerous deals worked out with sock wholesalers, so every dollar you donate goes a long way! We are a team of dedicated volunteers, who work out of love, helping the homeless and those less fortunate by providing them with new socks. Your donation, all 100% of it, goes directly to the homeless or those in need of new socks but cannot afford them.”

Tom Downey, a Trump supporter, said that he agrees with the idea of Trump not paying taxes but does not like the idea of homeless people.

“Why don’t they just let Trump launch some nukes and get rid of all the bad guys in the world already? I get frustrated that only 50% of my taxes go to the military, Congress and Senator pay. I wish it was more. And there’s too many people out there whining right now, like, “Oh my life is so hard, I think I’m going to be homeless if I can’t make rent this month.” Or, “Oh poor me, I got a felony for a joint of reefer and I can’t get a job now.” Boo-hoo! Get a job you lazy a*sholes!”

Matthew McConaughey told reporters what he thinks about Trump and his new charity that gives socks to homeless people.

“In my opinion this is the first remotely good thing that Trump has done since taking Office. Trump is an evil guy, his Vice President is just as evil or worse, and his cabinet is full of billionaires and millionaires who care nothing about the lower and middle class, but if this charity does some good, then I’m all for it.”

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