Donald Trump Speaking About WW3: “This War Is Going To Be So Great, The Best Thing Ever!”

Donald Trump WW3

Instead of figuring out the best way to bomb Syria and North Korea, and building another U.S. Embassy the size of the Vatican in Kazakhstan, maybe figure out the best way of helping the people in America who are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Fun fact: Did you know that socks are the least donated item to homeless shelters but most desired item? Donate some socks or money now at Sock It Forward!

More fun facts: First of all, North Korea knows the repercussions if they were to lob a missile or nuke into South Korea, or ANYWHERE for that matter. THE WORLD would not tolerate this and they would immediately be blown off the face of this planet. Kim Jong-Un is attempting to appear as powerful as possible because he wants to look powerful to his people, convincing them that they are something that they are not and have nothing to fear; he wants to stay in control and does not want an uprising. He is doing these missile tests and parades just in case someone like South Korea or America does decide to take the first blow, they will at least know it is going to be a challenge; that challenge probably being pretty simple, but as the dictator that he is, running the country that he is running, he has to make it appear like it will be a serious battle if someone does decide to strike first. And Second, why is it America’s fucking business in the first place to do what we are doing right now? There is a hundred other dictators out there with access to bombs and nuclear power. We only care about North Korea because we can’t control them. Just like Syria, and the problems of building a pipeline through there, until we have control over the country, do you actually think Trump gives one fuck about the people of North Korea and Syria? Wake the fuck up!



      • Trump is doing the best he can. Give him a break. He is not a retard. He is a President. Give him a break and respect. I bet you would not tell him this to his face.

        • I love how everyone calls Trump a retard, yet look where they are in life, keep flipping those patties at burger king and crying on the internet, that will show Trump how much of a smarter person you are!

          • Funny thing is that would show how much smarter than Chump he is. And the fact that you defend him shows you’re no smarter than a fifth grader either.

          • *quietly carries on doing my nursing work while flipping off Trump*
            Fairly sure there are no burgers in my vicinity.

        • I agree he’s not a retard but it gets to a point where he has crossed the line and is putting are world in danger and it’s a that point

        • Yeah , a racist, xenophobe , ill prepared , white trash , rude , low life, uninformed, low class , Mexican hating , Muslim hating , lying , narcissistic president ! Probably a perfect fit for our war mongering , racist , arrogant self serving society !

  1. Sorry Ben I disagree. The world is not going to simply blow NK off the face of the planet as you put it. They will attempt to target military capability but a nuclear conflict is unpredictable because there has never been a nuclear exchange in history. Many civilians will die and if China decides to back NK, this makes your claim of blowing NK off the face of the earth even less likely. NK-China relations are the decising factor and they are as of today, unpredictable. Also, there are not even close to 100 dictators with nuclear capabilities, you could count them on one hand with room to spare. Why is it America’s business to “do what we’re doing now”? simply put, we have allies on the border and many within firing range of a madman with nuclear capabilities. It’s about stability in the world and the US has a responsibility as a major world power to keep that stability. Turmp didn’t create this conflict, he’s picking up where others left off which was in no better terms, a total and utter mess. You obviously don’t like Trump but blaming him for things he had nothing to do with creating solves nothing.

    • I agree D. Also, to the rest of the immature and naive comments on this page, I still support Trump! The world does not hate Caucasians or America. Tell me, if you hate America so much, why are you still here? Trump has done loads of what he has said he would do already (i.e getting funds for the wall, health care plan, support for the military). Do you think you could be a better president? It has been 103 days since he swore in. Give him a chance. Yes, times are tense due to North Korea, but that is not all due to Trump. North Korea was still, well, North Korea when Obama was in office. Look, I am not saying Trump is the best president, but I am saying give him a chance. I am not racist, I am an American citizen looking to make his/her country a better place. Regarding ignoring North Korea and helping the homeless, I understand where you are coming from Mr. Davis. However, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, did Kennedy stop to smell the roses and help the homeless. No, he did not, and do you know why? Because we had missiles pointed at us. We are in the same situation now. The homeless is an important issue, do not get me wrong, however, we have bigger, more important situations to tend to. Instead of ‘complaining”, for lack of a better word, about what Trump hasn’t done, why don’t we unite as a country, and help resolve this North Korean threat.

      • You are aware we have missiles including nukes right on the Russian border right ? Also the homeless situation is far far worse now then in JFKs day .There were better paying jobs and the nations economy was doing way better and corporations hadn’t abandoned the nation in search of cheap labor and no restrictions on pollution .The list goes on.There are good reasons why many in the world hate America and don’t trust us.What makes the situation really dangerous is there’s two governments,one is seen ,the other not.We are given the illusion of choice and every presidential candidate says all the right things and touches all the hot button topics to get elected and then soon it goes back to business as usual because the deep state won’t allow big changes.Sorry but its true and Americans need to wake up and realize we are all being fooled and manipulated .Divide and conquer is the oldest and most effective way to control a population because it works .I used to vote Democrat but after Obamas first term and all the deep dark things I discovered when I followed the miney I soon realized there was no difference between the two of them although we are told there is . Eisenhower warned this nation in his farewell speech about the rise of unchecked power by the military industrial complex as did Kennedy when he gave his speech about secret societies and their power over our democracy .He was soon removed because he was revealing too much and then the war went into high gear because Johnson was a part of that group and an oil man.Vietnam was about oil as have been all wars since WW2 Syria is also about oil .The plan all along was to destabilize the country,temove Asdad and push a pipeline through to Ukraine and thrn onto Europe .This is the whole reason behind the uprising in Ukraine and Syria and other countries .For many this is just too much to take in because they want to think the best of their nation ,but its all true and its all going to come right back on us very very soon .The next world war will be fought in our nation .You can count on this.

        • Thank you so much for your comment. I remember reading 1984 by Orwell and thinking at the beginning of the book that it would end with the people revolting against Big Brother and it would be all fine in the end. How could it not right? The Government kept switching up the narrative of history, it did and imposed whatever it wanted, life quality kept deteriorating, war was going on and the people had to be on the verge of a mass rebellion. I realized by the end of the book that the hope I had for that to happen was a reflection of my hope for the change of our reality, both died by the end of the last chapter.
          It’s frustrating when you start questioning things and start reading and learning of what’s really going on behind the scenes but when you try and talk about it to people around you almost nobody seems to care, either people dismiss everything you say because it contradicts what they have been told theyr all life, or they just say “hey that’s just the way it is, rich and powerful will always fuck us up”. I have nohing but respect for those who still fight to educate and still believe in the good “side” of humanity, those responsible for connecting the dots and showing that the mass corporations and military complex (which are held by a small few) dictate everything that goes on, those who still fight to uncover facts even though most are left untold or that make headlines one today and buried under some other sensational news the next.
          The fundamental problem is, everyone is just in theyr own bubble (myself included), and wars and the chaos that we hear about on the news seem so far away, and since it SEEMS that it doesn’t affect us directly there’s no global revolt against this system. Things that happened not even a generation ago seem so far away that it almost feels like a myth and not possible to happen again and we all know that “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”. Things are moving at an increasing fast pace and tensions are getting to a point of no return (or they already are). I don’t know how to change any of this and if anyone has a slight idea of where to begin I beg you to share it. Sorry for the rant, with love J.

      • Death destruction and world domination post hoc ergo proctor hoc. Gov. Is negligent, please don’t say we have bigger fish to fry. Resources are exhausted. We had plenty of time to do the right thing. Stop with the tribal mob like mentality. It’s negligence.

    • You may be right in regard to protection of our friends and interests in the region but even S.Korea isn’t digging what we’re doing behind their back .The author is correct about the U.S. not giving a crap about the people .Its all about oil and money as its always been going way back.He mentioned that pipeline they want to put in Syria and he’s correct about this .Most people haven’t been following the cookie crumbs but some of us do.The government and the media control the narrative and most just don’t get it or want to believe that their government is out of control and controlled by big money and foreign powers like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  2. I can’t believe Trump is not impeached yet, it blows my mind… blows my mind just like the bombs that he wants to blow up all over the world

    • Exactly hes violated several laws and needs to go,plus not to mention he’s an embarrassment to this nation.This office he holds represents us all and he doesn’t care what he does because it’s all about him.Hes reckless and dangerous and has handed over control to the Pentagon and let’s them do whatever they want because he knows they don’t truly respect him because he’s a five time deliberate draft dodger who wealthy daddy got him out of serving while others less fortunate went and died over there for the oil companies .

  3. Trump is trying to promote a war and it’s up to us to wake up and realize this and do something about it

  4. The amount of brain dead cry baby liberals here that can’t actually even give a reason why they dislike Trump is amazing.

    • I can think of several reasons why I think he needs to be removed as have many here .I can also think of many reasons several leaders on both sides of the isle need removal .Then again I’m an independent constitutionalists who doesn’t believe in agendas or believe any of the garbage the media spews out of its lying mouths .

  5. i like trump, so do many millions of people, he stands up for rights to protect your country and heritage, and put them first. All of a sudden all these people are trying to improve there lives by leaching off others, hand outs, and lowering the quality of life for those that have to sacrifice to share there wealth with them. Problem is these people are animals and dirty, and u give them things and they just break them, dirty them, rape them, burn them. They are savages and trump is the head of the movement that is stopping this from taking place.

  6. Trump is just a master manipulator that says things that sound good and does the opposite. He is not for the people. He is for the 1% and all of his business buddies. He’s constantly caught in lie after lie, and it’s sad that my 12 year old son know s us history better then trump, just like when trump said Andrew Jackson could have stopped the civil war lol oh and global warming is a hoax lol

  7. To Rob yah fuck poor people and non-whites bunch of savages screwing up our perfect world, they are nothing but filthy animals who need to be put down

  8. why Israel can have nuclear missile and North Korea can’t ? aggravated them we are going to war, it is worthed? it seems to me that USA want to be the world police.Why do we want to bully other?
    peace is the best solution, and why can we just leave them alone?
    if we are not provoked a rattle snake, would it strike us? do anyone remembered that when we went into Iraq for nuclear missiles… North Korea learned that surrendered and talked to the US then the consequence is attacked and war also be destroyed….Do we learned anything from the Iraq war and leading to ISIS? Millions people die is not a joke. Peace and no provoke is the best solution.

  9. To Mr. President, we want jobs for our US citizen not war. Please look carefully, all the foreigners robbed us under the “skill worker”. our economic is in bad shape. Do what is good for the country ask not for your own feeling and go to war and let the citizen go hungry and million die.
    Does any one of you know why president Trump said (in 2016)the foreigners rape our US worker? More specific is China? Why we lost jobs and why US goes down in many aspects and other countries go up?
    When I search job, I found 80% India, Italy, German, Malaysia, 50% China, Singapore, Israel, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Canada, Japan and many more protected under the skill-worker H1 B1. The whole world is taking all jobs in the US. Are they bad? Do I hate them? No! and No! They are all play by the rules. I love all the people from India, Italy, German, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Israel, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Canada, Japan but I can’t have a job. However, the US government allows skill-worker to take our job and care nothing about the US citizen that all. Who fault is this? Our government! Our government also like to bully other countries! our government.

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