Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Cancelling Saturday Night Live

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order canceling Saturday Night Live
Donald Trump signed an Executive Order today canceling the long running hit television show Saturday Night Live. (AP Photo / Dennis System)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Today President Donald Trump made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency by signing Executive Order 14838, which cancels the television show Saturday Night Live, or SNL. Under the new order, it is now illegal for any private or federally funded agency to air or show footage of the popular television show in any format. Any company or individual who violates this order can now face fines of up to $250,000 and five years in federal prison.

During the press conference, Trump explained that his decision was based on a personal belief that the show is “divisive” and “contrary to America’s deepest held values.”

“Saturday Night Live is the definition of fake news and that is why it is now gone forever,” Trump told reporters. “It mocks the very beliefs that keep this great country running smoothly. I’ve never found the show to be humorous and I don’t know how it stayed on the air as long as it did, but I made sure to put an end to that today. I know some actions that I take are questioned by those who don’t want or understand freedom; these are people who hate America, but I know my true supporters are with me on this decision to cancel SNL, just like all my other brilliant ideas.”

Trump’s signing of Executive Order 14838 comes after more than two seasons of Saturday Night Live attacking the current President.

“In all my years of watching SNL, they’ve always mocked the current President in some way or another, but with Trump it’s a totally different ball game; they are actually trying to get him impeached and take down his administration piece by piece,” Paul Horner, a senior political analyst at CNN said. “I can see why he would want the show cancelled.”

Lorne Michaels, who created Saturday Night Live, which premiered on NBC in 1975, told reporters he was concerned if the show had gone too far in mocking Trump.

“Ever since Donald Trump became a blip on the political scene, SNL has done its best to make the public aware of the evils that this man is and what he stands for. I think it’s important that the general public sees how ridiculous it is that this man is actually President of the United States. Of course we are worried with the signing of this Executive Order, we’re all currently wondering if SNL will still air or not, if we still have jobs, but I will say with complete certainty that we won’t go down without a fight.”

On Trump’s twitter page today, the President wrote:

“SNL thinks they can mock the President?!! Not on my watch! They’re GONE!!!”

Alec Baldwin, a regular on SNL who plays the role of President Trump in various sketches, told CNN that the true reasons behind Trump’s actions are only ones that Trump knows himself.

“He’s just mad that I’ve slept with all the women that he [Trump] couldn’t pay enough money to have sex with. Bottom line is, Trump hates watching SNL so much but his huge ego won’t let him turn it off; so I guess the signing of this Executive Order is his only recourse.”

Tom Downey, a professor of political science at the University of Arizona, says that he finds the entire situation very troubling.

“Clearly, you have a man in Donald Trump who is dangerously incompetent and is a clear threat to everything this country stands for. His rhetoric on everything from immigration to the first amendment is terrifying, but I’m even more worried about what he’s doing from a freedom of speech perspective. Donald Trump may be vile, but even his demons like SNL are protected by the first amendment. I think that by canceling this show, SNL will become a symbol that we can all stand around and salute as a tribute to what freedom really is.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks, spoke to CNN about the cancellation.

“Everything Trump stands for is backwards. His appointment of racist Steve Bannon, the way he unites hate for the Muslim people in this country, his support of white power organizations. He appointed a cabinet full of billionaires and millionaires to standup for the lower and middle class. The person he puts in charge of the EPA denies climate change. His person in charge of education doesn’t believe in public education. The American people should not accept this and Saturday Night Live makes fun of him the best way they know how. The children of this country deserve a leader who will build a successful future for them and can take a joke and not attempt to stop freedom of speech.” Bradley said. “Also, I just want to say a big thanks to everyone that has supported our cause that gives brand new socks to the homeless. Please, donate what you can, every bit helps so much.”

Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin, a mascot for a Christian organization that travels around the country educating children about the dangers and consequences of masturbation, told CNN that he believes what Trump is doing is the right thing.

“This is a great first step in the war against masturbation in this great Christian nation of ours. From day one, Saturday Night Live has promoted self rape and other types of sinful behavior that Jesus would never approve of. Way to go Donald Trump, you are legendary! Praise!”

As of now, NBC does not have SNL scheduled for next Saturday. The FCC has yet to release a statement about the canceling of the show and instead setup a hotline for those wishing to voice any concerns or comments over the impending cancellation of Saturday Night Live. That hotline’s phone number is (785) 273-0329.

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  1. I applaud Trump and his decision to cancel this show! This show goes against everything this Christian nation stands for!

    • Donald Snyder you know he can’t do that anyway. It’s called freedom of speach ever hear of it stupid? We don’t tell you to take off your dumb ass 700 shit club because it’s against our religion. So shut up if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

    • Actually Drumpf is going against everything this nation stands for…..and this is not a “Christian” is a multi religion nation….You Donald are not an American.

    • Donald Snyder, is your mind that weak and feeble that you can’t click the clicker and change the channel. WHAT Christian nation……don’t feed the hungry….don’t comfort the sick…don’t respect your elders…don’t keep holy the lords day. Let’s make it simple, the basic 10 this country has easily eluded following. It’s people like you who spout this hypocrite language and embrace the devil.

  2. I don’t enjoy SNL the way I used to there’s nothing funny about degrading our own country let’s get back to real humor like how did Saturday Night Live lose their ass why be in such holes.

    • Bonnie Schaan, what of being a traitor to your own country. Is SNL wrong for helping point out the ludicrous actions of this man-child? He is WRONG. He can write an executive order to get a TV show off TV but can’t write an executive order to get clean water in Michigan. PPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!

    • So for 25 years your ignorant butt didn’t buy yourself another TV because the one you have only has one channel? Don’t see your name on the US billionaire or millionaire list so let me quick scan the ‘dumbest people on earth list’ and there you are.

  3. Then don’t watch the damn show Donald. We still have freedom of speech….at least for a little while longer any way. Our dear leader…..HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 45 is a racist, sexist, evil, corrupt piece of human garbage who is leading our one party government FASCIST REGIME. FUCK 45 and all his cronies……

  4. You all do understand that Trump is fake news… He couldn’t get it up if he wanted to…damn trump supporters are f**king stuuuuuppppppiiiidddd!

  5. trump is an illegitimate President ! He is a traitor to our Country, the right can set on their right wing brand of anti-Christian a$$’s and watch our country go down to Russia ! But the rest of us have a duty to stand up for our country I swore to protect my country from enemies foreign and domestic and i will to my dying breath !! Hang all these Traitors and their Co-Conspirators !

  6. Glad to see SNL go! Didn’t like them anyway. Now Mr President get rid of The View! They are just like SNL. Ever since you were campaigning, (they, l won’t even call them women) mock, ridicule, make fun of and say bull crap they hear from CNN. More Fake News. You can’t be on their show unless you think like them, talk their talk and talk bull about our PRESIDENT. If they do have someone on who says something decent about our President they talk over them hoping people didn’t hear them. They are a bunch of cackling hens who talk over themselves and you don’t know what they say. It doesn’t matter, because they arent worth listening to anyway. Joy is just a big mouth who makes fun of him and she doesn’t even know the difference between a server and an email. She’s just plain stupid and disrespectful. As they say, you can’t fix stupid. She and Whoopie are so disrespectful of our President, they need to be taken off the show. Why don’t they talk about their crooked and corrupt Killary and Obummer. Now that’s two topics you will never hear them say one word about. The more they and everyone else get mad at our President, the more satisfied he and we are. Can’t wait for our PRESIDENT to Drain The Swamp!

  7. Hi! I realize this is somewhat off-topic but I’m wondering how we could impeach Trump. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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