Diamond Chambers & Associates And Marilyn Wilson Do Not Exist – They Are A Scam To Take Your Money

Diamond Chambers & Associates and Mrs. Marilyn Wilson and the WILSON'S FOUNDATION are a scam.
Diamond Chambers & Associates and Mrs. Marilyn Wilson and the WILSON'S FOUNDATION are a scam. They will take your money through various fees with a promise of getting millions of dollars, that you will never get one penny of.

There is no sick women in the hospital named Marilyn Wilson trying to give you millions of dollars. Diamond Chambers & Associates does not exist. They are characters part of a scam meant to take thousands of dollars from you.

They will lure you in with “GOD” and “trusting you”. Then in order to get those millions of dollars released there will be various fee after fee after fee after fee – THAT YOU PAY! There will be a new “last” fee after new “last” fee until you finally quit, but by then, they have taken thousands of dollars from you that you will never get back. These people live in countries with very little law enforcement on this type of activity and there is no extradition treaty with the United States.

The person in this particular scam that is dying in a bed from cancer is named Mrs. Marilyn Wilson and and the money is from the Wilson’s Foundation.

You can actually call the nurse supposedly taking care of Marilyn Wilson, that is how elaborate this scam is:
Sister Andrea Fadel  +225 56 05 78 37

You will never get that money as that money and a cancer patient named Marilyn Wilson who is supposedly dying in a bed does not exist.

UPDATE: 5/2/17
When they were presented with this link and information, they responded by saying:

from: Adams Raines <barradamsraines@consultant.com>

I am very surprise to see this and i can swear by the almighty that i don’t know anything about this. I have been with the Wilson’s family for more than a decade and i worked with late husband Mr. Robert Wilson at the canadian embassy and he told me about this fund even before he handed it over to his wife Marilyn ruth wilson. I thank God for this revealation God almighty used your wife to bring my attention, these people are devil worshippers as you said, infact i call them DEVIL INCARNATES, they want to ruin my name and my firm but the God i serve has brought them to justice because after writing you this, i must see the root of all these things and brought all that is involved in this evil actions to justice and i will make sure that i use every resource within my power to put them in jail.
As for this fund it is REAL, when i mean it is real, i mean it is real. I have issued you all the necessary documents needed for the transfer just write to the bank as i told you earlier along line with the two documents i have issued you and your account details to them and the fund will be transffered immediately without delay. Always remember the promise you made to this woman and try to accomplish everything. Also bear in mind that the money need to be transffered to you because the bank has been using it for business without no interest to this woman because she has been on the sick bed for almost a five years, so when i informed them that there is a new beneficiary, their response was very weak, so i will like you to write immediately. I will always be here if my advice is needed, don’t hesitate to write me or you can call me on my cell phone +225 748 49525
Remain Blessed My Brother In The Lord.

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