public education is a waste of time

Dear Public Education K-12, (This is why you are horrible)

Dear Public Education K-12, Why did you waste so much of my life, tax payer money and provide me with such a weak education to...
I don't like music

I Don’t Like Music

Today somebody told me they didn't like music. I asked them, "So you don't have a favorite band or style of music that you...

History Essay Writing

History defines us and shapes our livelihood. History writing, therefore, gives us a better understanding of how things came into being. Historical essay writing...
The staff and employees for the St. George Gazette

About The St. George Gazette

The St. George Gazette website and media organization was formed November 5th, 2003 and employees over 250 journalists, ad personnel, receptionists and other such...
Trump knew about Russia and Putin hacking the election

Donald Trump Is So Stoked Right Now About Russia

Donald Trump is super stoked right now about Obama staying quiet when he knew Russia was trying to get him elected President in 2016....
Republican create the prison population

The Republicans In This Country Create The Prison Population

The world we live in is full of insane hypocrisies that make some of us stare in aww at the human beings who do...
Boobie movies

Important Information About Movies With Boobies

1. "Boobie movies" - These are movies that are more porn related or could be a breast cancer awareness PSA. 2. "Movies with boobies" -...
amazing event

7 Tips for an Amazing Event

Are you in the process of arranging the entertainment for your next function? Give weddings, corporate functions, and birthday parties an extra edge by...
Donald Trump signed an Executive Order canceling Saturday Night Live

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Cancelling Saturday Night Live

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Today President Donald Trump made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency by...
May your day be wonderful

My Horse

You create your own reality. Your reality is different than everyone else's reality. I think there is a general consensus of a common reality...
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