20-year-old Hannah Schaefer auctions off virginity

Christian Girl Auctions Off Virginity For Church Repairs; Church Then Bans Her For Life

ST. GEORGE, UTAH (AP) — When the St. George Christian Church asked its members for donations to help fix a leaking roof, one of...
public education is a waste of time

Dear Public Education K-12, (This is why you are horrible)

Dear Public Education K-12, Why did you waste so much of my life, tax payer money and provide me with such a weak education to...
Fight Club sequel

Fight Club 2 Announced And Begins Filming In November Of This Year

HOLLYWOOD, CA (AP) — Fight Club fans around the world are celebrating as a sequel to the original cult classic has just been announced....

If Your First Name Starts With An “S” And Your Last Name Starts With...

How do you think this great man would feel when you refer to African Americans as "niggers"? What do you think he would think of...
Donald Trump Sock It Forward

Donald Trump Starts Charity That Gives Socks To Homeless People

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump held a press conference this morning to announce a charity that he is starting which provides homeless...
Marijuana illegal 420

Today is 4/20, a celebrated day by potheads all around the world, and is...

Today is 4/20, a celebrated day that potheads all around the world rejoice, and is a perfect example of why marijuana needs to stay...

The divorce: salvation or disaster?

Love is a perfect feeling. It rules the world, making people create families and new lives. There has been formed a common opinion about...
top video games of 2017

Ultimate Top 10 Games of 2017

Every year game lovers wait to see and to feel something new and exciting. They seek info for the upcoming games to make their...
Donald Trump Russian Investigation

Russian Investigation Reveals Macedonia Fake News From 2016 Was Paid For By Vladimar Putin...

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller and key members of his team revealed today that there is a direct connection...
Donald Trump $100,000 plate fundraiser

Donald Trump’s First Re-election Fundraiser Is A Success

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Although there is still plenty of time left before the next presidential election in the United States, current President, Donald...
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