7 Steps to Becoming a Good Kisser

How to become good at kissing

Romantic relationships are unimaginable without kisses. But does anyone know how to make kisses special? A poorly given kiss can ruin the entire chemistry between new lovers. We prepared some essential tips that will help you avoid such a disaster. Besides, you will see what kisses you must definitely try with your sweetheart! Try this techniques which were given by experts from  Vava Women!

How to be a good kisser

Make your face kissable. Yes, your look matters when it comes to kissing. Make sure it is well-groomed prior to going on the date of your dreams. If you are a man, this is not an excuse to economize on skin and hair care products. And pick the right perfume, of course! This is indeed what can make your body seductive.

Take care of your mouth. By all means, this is the most important part of your body now. To enjoy kissing together with your lover, keep your mouth flawlessly clean and your breath fresh. If you go on a dinner date, do not forget to use the floss or chew a gum at least. Besides, you can take a few sips of water to moisturize your lips.

Use your hands and tongue. I don’t mean you should massage her/his intimate parts hardly yet do not limit your powers to lips only. It is important to keep the balance here: your movements must trigger your partner’s arousal yet they mustn’t be too forceful to kill the chemistry between you two.

Vary your techniques. When physical interaction runs under the very same scenario, it gets boring with time. Try to learn new secrets and add those features to your love game. To keep your dating life successful and diverse, you actually have to master a broad range of skills.

Know where and when to do it. To have a perfect kiss, it’s necessary to create the right atmosphere. An overcrowded marketplace or a busy central avenue may not be the best places for doing what your heart desires. Think of quieter corners where you will be able to enjoy total intimacy.

Maintain the eye contact. Yes, most people close their eyes while kissing but there’s no real need to do so every time. In fact, when two lovers stare into each other’s eyes, their connection becomes stronger as the energy circulates throughout their bodies. Then do not always keep your eyes closed!

Synchronise with your mate. You can’t just kiss someone the way you like. Even if you and your date have similar preferences, your current urges might be different. Note how he or she reacts to your body movements and gestures and change your behavior if you feel something’s wrong.

7 great types of kisses to try

Lip-to-Lip Kiss. Seems like there’s nothing extraordinary – just your lips meeting again and again. However, this is the way to start the fire!

Butterfly Kiss. Well, kisses aren’t always given by lips. To diversify the game, let your eyelashes flutter against your partner’s skin.

Single-Lip Kiss. Both innocent and deep, this kiss helps you get closer to each other and creates the tension.

French Kiss. Of course, we couldn’t forget about the most legendary and passionate kiss widely depicted in pop culture. Strictly speaking, there is no universal recipe for it – a French kiss can be very diverse.

Earlobe Kiss. Ears and earlobes belong to the core erogenous zones. So your mate will easily reach the sexual arousal if you touch them gently with your mouth.

Neck Kiss. A kiss of this kind is as erotic as the above one. Be careful because it is a huge turn-on!

Lizard Kiss. Remember how Johnny Depp did it in Cry-Baby (1990)? This is, basically, a variant of a French kiss but your lips do not participa