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Paul Ryan: “Donald Trump Plans To Resign From Office Within The Next 30 Days”

Donald Trump to resign
WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — At a press conference early this morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced news of a presidential resignation happening within the next 30 days. "Donald Trump plans to step down as President of the United States and resign from office within the next 30 days," Ryan told reporters. "Amid the fury of scandals with Russia, the growing...

First Ever Video Contact Lens Implant Test Trial Is A Success – 100 People Implanted With Video Contact Lenses

My Life Optic
PALO ALTO, CA (AP) — My Life Optics, a technology company based out of California is pleased to release the reports of its beta software that was used in trials on a focus group of one hundred individuals. Lloyd Glacier, a spokesman for My Life Optics, spoke to a full crowd at their offices in Palo Alto and took questions from...

Fight Club 2 Announced And Begins Filming In November Of This Year

Fight Club sequel
HOLLYWOOD, CA (AP) — Fight Club fans around the world are celebrating as a sequel to the original cult classic has just been announced. Critics are already saying that this is the must-see movie of the decade and probably the most highly anticipated film in recent memory. David Fincher, director of the first Fight Club movie, confirmed with E! Online...

The Republicans In This Country Create The Prison Population

Republican create the prison population
The world we live in is full of insane hypocrisies that make some of us stare in aww at the human beings who do not comprehend the simple yet major wrongdoings taking place out there. Take for instance abortion; there is a genuine concern right now of too many people living on this planet. The world’s population is currently...

Donald Trump Is So Stoked Right Now About Russia

Trump knew about Russia and Putin hacking the election
Donald Trump is super stoked right now about Obama staying quiet when he knew Russia was trying to get him elected President in 2016. Instead of being angry at Obama or trying to make him a scapegoat like he is now, why isn't he thanking Obama for his support in helping him get elected President? And why would Obama...

Donald Trump Speaking About WW3: “This War Is Going To Be So Great, The Best Thing Ever!”

Donald Trump WW3
Instead of figuring out the best way to bomb Syria and North Korea, and building another U.S. Embassy the size of the Vatican in Kazakhstan, maybe figure out the best way of helping the people in America who are one paycheck away from being homeless. Fun fact: Did you know that socks are the least donated item to homeless shelters...

Is It Worth It To Buy Branded Gelato Cups Or Should You Just Go Generic?

Gelato Cups
Not many people know what gelato is, but that is all about to change. It’s a specialty item that has been around in Italy for centuries, and now gelato is captivating the American audience with fervor. The reason it is so popular is that it’s similar to ice cream, but it has a richer taste, more flavor, and a...

Donald Trump Starts Charity That Gives Socks To Homeless People

Donald Trump Sock It Forward
WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump held a press conference this morning to announce a charity that he is starting which provides homeless men and women with brand new socks. "Today I'm proud to announce my new charity Sock It Forward, it's great, it's the best charity ever," Trump told reporters. "I see these people without homes out there...

Christian Girl Auctions Off Virginity For Church Repairs; Church Then Bans Her For Life

20-year-old Hannah Schaefer auctions off virginity
ST. GEORGE, UTAH (AP) — When the St. George Christian Church asked its members for donations to help fix a leaking roof, one of their followers dug deeper than others. 20-year-old, unemployed college student, Hannah Schaefer, had been attending the church regularly since the age of 9 and wanted to help the church that she felt had helped her in...

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Allowing The Hunting Of Bald Eagles

Donald Trump to resign
WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Today President Donald Trump made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency by signing Executive Order 14841, which allows the hunting of bald eagles. Speaking at a White House Press Conference today, Trump explained his decision for making the hunting of the bald eagle legal. "There's nothing more American and...
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